Meet Gerardo! Bread SRSLY's Quality and Safety Technician

Meet Gerardo, Bread SRSLY's Quality and Safety Technician! Gerardo has been with Bread SRSLY since 2018. He samples loaves and rolls daily, oversees the records that track our manufacturing processes, and in conjunction with the operations team, runs experiments based on product opportunities with the goal of baking the best gluten-free, top 9 allergen-free bread possible. Get to know Gerardo below!


Gerardo, Quality and Safety Technician

What brought you to Bread SRSLY?

After spending approximately 10 years at home with my four children, shuttling them to school, the library, the park, I found myself in need of a change. My children had become more independent and I craved different challenges than the everyday struggles of parenting, so I applied at Bread SRSLY, since I have a background in manufacturing and an innate affinity for bread; my great grandfather was a baker.


What do you do at Bread SRSLY? 

I was hired as a packager in 2018. I vividly remember the first cooling rack of bread I stood over. The golden shine of the Classic loaves, the warmth they emanated, and their delicious aroma, made me feel happy. I de-papered the loaves and once they were fully cooled, I bagged them with all the care in my heart. And as I worked, I periodically thought about life, the mistakes I'd made, the ways I could continue to learn and evolve so that I might continue to give and receive love.

In a couple of months, I became the packaging lead, and in 2020 a Quality Technician. My degree in Molecular Environmental Biology with an emphasis in Microbiology from Cal Berkeley makes the science of fermentation and the inner workings of our products and processes more than doable. Currently, I sample loaves and rolls daily, oversee the daily records that track our manufacturing processes, and in conjunction with the operations team run experiments based on product opportunities with the goal of baking the best gluten-free, top 8 allergen-free bread possible. It is a wonderful challenge that I embrace wholeheartedly.  


What is your favorite thing about working at Bread SRSLY?

Sometimes, I feel sad and anxious, just like I sometimes feel happy and calm: life can be a whirlwind. At Bread SRSLY it is okay to have feelings and I love that this is so. I am treated kindly by my coworkers and managers and this brings me joy. I also like to treat my coworkers and managers with kindness. We are not perfect, yet it does bring me joy to be part of a team where my feelings matter. I also like that the feelings of those around me matter, too.  


What do you think makes Bread SRSLY bread special?

Whenever possible, I like to share our loaves and rolls with my community. I bring them to my child's soccer practice or to the high school track, where I coach long and triple jump, and share with coaches, parents and athletes. Bread SRSLY products are particularly delicious because of the intention required to make a single loaf or roll. Our unique sourdough starter is cared for with extreme attention to detail and that is why Bread SRSLY products possess a sourdough flavor that is strong yet not too intense, with the perfect amount of salt to bring it all together.


How do you like to eat Bread SRSLY bread?

Bread SRSLY products are nutritious, satisfying, and bridge a past and future of healthy eating. That is how I feel when I eat Sandwich Rolls or Dinner Rolls with peanut butter and honey or with hummus and cheese.   


What do you like to do when you're not at work?

All in all, I have fun at work and strive to always give my best. When I'm not at work I do the same. I laugh with my children when we go to the movie theater, or when we BBQ at the waterfront. I sit at the library for long hours and write stories. I walk until the sun sets. And I remind myself to breathe and continue to move toward forgiveness and friendship and love.