Anti-Racism Work

We made this page to share the resources we use at Bread SRSLY to create an Inclusive, Anti-racist, and Psychologically Safe workplace. 

Open examination of racism is an essential component of Inclusivity and Leadership. Through these videos, exercises and readings, our goals are:

  • To provide a safe space for learning about racism
  • To understand how we each participate in or experience racism every day
  • To get curious about racism in our actions, our language, and our assumptions, and to learn how to challenge them
  • To practice using the vocabulary and tools necessary to actively work against racism
  • To create more safe and inclusive workplaces by sharing our resources and modeling vulnerable leadership
We invite you to explore, to engage us in conversation, to take this to your own workplace, and to share this page. 

Please credit Bread SRSLY when sharing these resources, and credit our sources which are linked appropriately.

Creating a Psychologically Safe Space for Communication

Safe Space

Sadie Scheffer, CEO of Bread SRSLY, discusses the foundations of psychological safety, including how to create it for yourself and others, and why it's important for clear and kind communication.

Sitting in Discomfort

Sitting in Discomfort

Discover the value of learning how to recognize and sit in discomfort, and why it's a precursor to empathy building.  

 Understanding Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias, or implicit bias, can be a tough topic to navigate, but it's critical one to unpack before doing anti-racism work. Learn the meaning of unconscious bias and how it affects our assumptions of others, then offers guidance for how to be more aware of it and create a cognizant shift in our thinking.

Examining the Impact of Microaggressions 


Discover what microaggressions are, how they impact non-dominant groups, and what you can do to prevent them in your interactions with others.