Dear Friends,

I want to share how Bread SRSLY is responding to the spread of coronavirus. The safety of my team and community remain my top priority throughout this rapidly evolving situation. Thank you for supporting us as we face tough decisions, hard conversations, and constant change. 

As of today, March 17th, we will remain operational as an essential business producing food. We will continue to bake and ship gluten-free sourdough to our local and nationwide communities, while maintaining our team’s health and wellness. Here are some details about what we are doing:


As a Dedicated Gluten-Free and Top 8 Allergen-Free Facility, cleanliness has always been of the utmost importance to us, and our team is seriously good at maintaining a sparkling kitchen. Personal items are never permitted inside our kitchens. Staff are all trained in proper handwashing, and wash their hands dozens of times per day. Paths to hand wash sinks are always kept clear. We are already elbow-bumpers, as is the culture in food manufacturing. 

Starting earlier this month, we have increased our cleaning schedules of commonly-touched surfaces and appliances in our kitchens, employee break room, and office, and we have taken on responsibility for cleaning additional areas in our building to support the wellness of other tenants.

We have limited our production volume so that staff have extra time and space to take safety precautions and carry out additional cleaning duties. We have postponed all non-essential gatherings, and any meetings that do occur are now happening either virtually or in a venue where staff can stand 6 feet apart. All staff that are not directly involved in the production of our gluten-free sourdough are working remotely.


We are directly and repeatedly encouraging staff to remain home when they show any cold or flu symptoms, or if they are caring for others with the same. To ease the financial burden on our employees, we have provided all staff with additional paid sick hours, and have enacted a sick time donation program so that we can all take care of each other by donating sick hours to those who need them. We believe this will create an environment where we encourage each other to stay home from work when needed, remain supportive of each other, and avoid shaming others.

If you have additional questions about our procedures, please reach out to us.


Order online! We will ship bread nationwide from breadsrsly.com, for as long as the United States Postal Service continues its delivery service. Online orders will be our top priority, and will be the most reliable way to get bread right now. We will also continue to send shipments to key California grocery stores. Not all of our normal grocery accounts will receive orders, and many will have empty shelves. The store locator will not accurately reflect which stores are stocked for the next few weeks. If you have any trouble finding Bread SRSLY near you, or placing an online order, please reach out to us at hello@breadsrsly.com, or give us a call at 1-844-GF-BREAD.

Thank you for all of your support, now and always. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a strong and passionate community, and I am bolstered daily by your thoughtful emails and words of compassion. 

I am also blown away by my employees, who have mobilized instantly to create a safe place to work, and to take care of each other physically and emotionally. I did not know what leadership meant when I set out to bake gluten-free sourdough bread in 2011. Now, I know that the biggest reward and privilege of running this company is the chance to work among such incredible humans.

Here is what I promise: 

  • I will make decisions that prioritize our employees and their families. Any changes to our operations will be guided by my commitment to them. 
  • I will stay true to our values to Serve, Nourish, Include and Revive our employees and our community. 
  • I will lean into our company culture of Communication, Respect, Teamwork, Safety and Food Safety. I will use these tenets to help me navigate this unprecedented time with integrity and brave leadership. 

There will be updates. There will be changes. I and my entire team commit to staying true to the ethos of Bread SRSLY throughout.

Stay safe, and continue to be kind to one another.

With love and sourdough,

Sadie Scheffer