Bread SRSLY customers are the reason why we love what we do. Here's what a few of them have to say about our gluten-free sourdough.

“Bread SRSLY bread is honestly the best, most real-tasting bread I’ve ever had the pleasure of being able to eat 100% safely - and it’s AMAZING!”

— Kathryn

“This bread has changed everything for me. It is so flavorful and the texture is perfect!”

— Mitzi

“Since discovering my gluten intolerance 4 years ago, I hadn’t found a gluten free bread that was worth my time or money. Until now! This sourdough is a game changer for my family and I. So delicious!!!”

— Harlee M.

“Seriously the BEST gluten-free bread I’ve found to date - and it’s sourdough, which I’ve not been able to enjoy since I had to go GF 5 years ago. I have a new addiction.”

— Heidi C.

“This bread is heavenly! Now I can have high quality bread at home. I’ve missed sourdough so much since becoming GF, and this bread is perfect!”

— Amber H.

“You have just made the rest of my life so much more enjoyable.”

— Online Customer

“It’s rare that I feel compelled to rave about a product, but your sourdough is amazing. Thank you! It is the highlight of my food since I’ve cut out gluten.”

— Mark Paulson

“I received my bread today just in time for lunch and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is!! I am SO impressed, I’m shouting from the rooftops! My ENTIRE pregnancy the one thing I’ve craved is sourdough- at 33 weeks my craving has been fulfilled and I am SO thankful for all of the time and hard work you put into perfecting this!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!”

— Sarah Foss

“Just had my first bite of toast - still chewing - had to write immediately and thank you for making the best GF bread I’ve ever had - and pretty high on the list of best bread I’ve ever tasted!”

— Laurie Bodine

“I just want to thank your beautiful hands for making this marvelous bread. Believe me when I say it has been a long time since i have been able to indulge in some damn good toast. And let me tell you, it actually tastes (and looks) like real sourdough bread, which is very hard to come by. My friends have always made fun of my sandwiches because the bread is so tiny and usually blessed with a big ole hole right in the center. Hot damn Sadie. You have been given a gift and I ,and every glutard out there, must thank you. So, lets not loaf around, you are SERIOUSLY the best. Thank you for being you.”

— Emma Kennedy

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been craving sourdough bread and I had been having a difficult time finding any that was gluten free. Until I stumbled across your website! It is DELICIOUS!!!!!”

— Becky Carver

“The best thing about your bread is everything.”

— Latanya Carrington

“You are a genius and have changed my life! This bread is ah-mazing!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have yummy sourdough that won’t hurt my tummy! I love the packaging and love your story! That boy is lucky to have you and we’re lucky you worked so hard to impress him! :) Thank you!! I’ll be back!”

— Kerri Andstein

“I have been as completely GF as possible for the last eight years. I’ve tasted lots of GF bread including some I’ve made myself. They have ranged from awful to okay – to occasionally decent (oh, in Paris – way better than decent, but I digress). I bought the combo pack from your company of the traditional bread, the rolls, and the kale loaf. I have not started on the kale yet. However, not only does what I’ve consumed so far (lots) taste wonderful, but my digestive health has changed significantly for the better. I now look at eating at least one piece of bread as delicious medicine. I already take excellent probiotics, but your bread functions so much better. I can’t thank you enough for not only selling it online, but not charging a fortune for shipping.”

— Cat Light

“Seriously - best gluten-free sourdough ever! It was my first actual bread in over a year, and gosh, was it good :) Looking forward to ordering more!”

— Good Eggs Customer

“There is literally no other product out there that compares. We have such a limited diet that this is HUGE for us. So thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Audrey Jaynes