Bread SRSLY's Anti-Racism Commitment

Dear Bread SRSLY Community,


Our mission is to reunite people with sourdough when they thought good bread was off the table. On the most surface level, our day-to-day actions include baking gluten-free loaves and shipping them to grocery stores and homes across the country. 


But as a company driven by a greater purpose, we know we do more than satisfy your toast craving. 


We employ people and provide good jobs. We buy goods from outside suppliers and pay for work from external service providers. We cultivate a community, both online and in-person. And even though we aren’t a huge corporation, we acknowledge that we have great power and are in a position to use our dollars and our influence for good.


The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among countless others, and the momentum of the The Black Lives Matter Movement have challenged us to examine our privilege and power and consider how we can use our business as a vehicle to amplify Black voices, and to create not only a more diverse, inclusive, and just workplace, but a better world.


As a business that values transparency and is rooted in humanity and empathy, we are using our power to actively commit ourselves to anti-racism. 


Here are some of the steps we have taken.


      • Bread SRSLY has donated over $3000 to organizations dedicated to bringing justice and healing to Black communities across the US, including The East Oakland Collective, The Okra Project, and The Loveland Foundation.
      • Bread SRSLY supports the 15 Percent Pledge, and is encouraging its wholesale buyers to do the same by facilitating introductions to Black-owned food businesses. 
      • Bread SRSLY supports its employees using alternative solutions to law enforcement in the workplace, and is creating bilingual guidelines and resources to publish internally.
      • Bread SRSLY is actively adjusting its hiring practices to promote greater equity. Our first steps for our current open position of Operations Manager are: eliminating our education requirement, and hiding names during the first 2 rounds of candidate evaluation (basic job requirements, then responses to the first interview round).
      • Bread SRSLY has joined the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. We are halting our Facebook and Instagram advertising dollars until Facebook addresses its handling of hate speech based on the campaign's 10 Next Steps focused on Accountability, Decency, and Support.


There is much more work to be done, and we will not let that intimidate us. We will continue to show up to the table as listeners, learners, and doers, baking our sourdough for good.


In solidarity,

The People of Bread SRSLY