Toasting up and enjoying the last slice of a Bread SRSLY gluten-free sourdough loaf is a treat to be savored. But before you discard that empty Bread SRSLY bag (and maybe add a new loaf to your grocery list!), we want to suggest a few easy and creative ways to reuse our packaging, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Compost it, don’t trash it!

Reusing is always our favorite way to go, but don’t forget that you can compost Bread SRSLY packaging.

We’re proud that the natural kraft paper bags that house our gluten-free sourdough are lined with a compostable plastic called PLA and contain at least 40% post-consumer recycled content.

To compost your empty Bread SRSLY bag, simply remove the tin-tie from the top opening of the bag, then compost through your local municipal compost system.

Pack up Lunch for a Hike or a Bike Ride

Is the trail calling your name? Instead of packing your gluten-free sandwich in a plastic bag, reuse your Bread SRSLY packaging to store your mid-journey lunch. Store your sandwiches inside the bag, stow it in your pack, and chow down during your outdoor lunch without the use of plastics.

Plant Some Seedlings

Start your flower or vegetable seeds in an empty Bread SRSLY bag cut to proper height for whatever you’re growing. When the time is right, remove your germinated beauties from the bag and plant them in your garden bed!

Make a DIY Compost Bag

Here at the Bread SRSLY office, we reuse our packaging as compost bags on a daily basis. Coffee grounds, fruit peels, and leftover lunch scraps get dumped inside (and sealed during hot summer months to prevent fruit flies!). Do the same in your own kitchen, making sure to remove the tin tie before disposing of a full bag.

Serve Some Tasty Snacks

Love sitting down to a Netflix marathon with a salty snack? Or sending your kiddo to school with a homemade treat? Cut a Bread SRSLY bag in half and fill with your snack of choice before plopping on the couch, or fill with your child’s snack and staple it shut along with a cute note before sending her off to school.

Clean House

Rip open an empty bag, bunch it up, and use it to clean your glass and windows for a streak-free shine.

Do you have any other creative ways you reuse your kraft bags? Let us know down below!