At Bread SRSLY, we demonstrate these values in everything that we do. From customer care, to hiring, to sourcing our ingredients, we strive for integrity, consistency, and fairness.


Our inspiration comes from the ability to serve: to provide wholesome food; to support our workers with livable wages and a great work environment; to treat our customers with gratitude and to give them joy; and to serve our community and our environment by donating food to people in need, and diverting food waste.


We strive to be an inclusive brand: to create products for people with autoimmune disorders, with food allergies, intolerances, and aversions; to employ people of all race, religion, gender, sexuality, and of all shapes and sizes; to listen to new perspectives; and to sustain a wild culture of microbes that work harmoniously to ferment our products.


We harness wild fermentation to create food that nourishes and supports gut health. We create good jobs with livable wages so that workers can thrive, and can support their families and their communities.


We believe businesses can build and do good. We value a return to nourishing food traditions, gut healing through wild fermentation, and clean ingredients. We believe in recreating a love of food. We support the health of our local community by creating good jobs and a great workplace. Most of all, we reunite eaters with sourdough bread when they thought good bread was off the table.