A New Year’s Resolution: Feeling Our Best in 2022, SRSLY!

We’re almost halfway through the first month of a new year, a primetime for toxic diet culture to take hold and hyperfocus on what we are (or aren’t!) putting in our bodies. Whether it’s a detox program, ingredient avoidance, “Dry January”, etc, there’s quite an emphasis on what you should eliminate, rather than what you could be adding to your diet to feel your best. We’ve been there! The guilt, the shame, the potential to “fail” when it comes to diet culture… those things don’t make us feel great, that’s for sure. When we subscribe to rigid diets that don't account for our unique needs as individuals, we become further disconnected from our bodies- which are totally capable of telling us what we need to thrive if we take the time to listen.

This year, we’re giving ourselves the permission slip (a great tool from our friend Brené Brown!) to listen more to our bodies and less to outside influences that tell us there is only one right way to be nourished. We’re thinking about all the wonderful foods that make our bodies (and us!) happy and adding more of those to our plates. 

We’re asking ourselves- what foods are going to help alleviate digestive issues, improve energy, and help us feel our best? What ingredients are going to satisfy our whole beings? What meals are going to put smiles on our families’ faces and keep their bellies content?

Here’s what our team is enjoying more of this month:

Sadie, CEO + Founder: OlyKraut Spicy Garlic Kraut
Nicole, Marketing: FOND Youth Tonic Bone Broth
Gabriella, Operations: Ancient Organics Ghee
Lizz, People + Administration: Ginger lemon tea first thing in the morning
Danny, Sales: Bread SRSLY Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough toast with honey
Najja, Customer Care: Nourish bowls with lots of sweet potato, cucumber, avocado & pickled onions


We believe nourishment and delight go hand in hand when it comes to mealtime, and it’s our mission to reunite people with sourdough when they thought good bread was off the table. We’ve kept an intentionally short ingredient list when it comes to our sourdough. Our carefully selected organic flour blend works in harmony with our long fermentation process (12+ hours!) to provide the tangy taste you crave and the easy digestion your gut will thank you for. Because we use a fermentation process instead of fast-acting baker’s yeast to give our bread its rise, wild microbes (that naturally occur when you’re fermenting something) come together and work to break down grains and unlock nutrients for your body to absorb. TLDR; we let our sourdough do the hard work, so your body doesn’t have to. 

It’s our sincere wish you’ll find delight in each bite of our gluten-free sourdough, and that you’ll have many more meals in 2022 to make your whole body happy. We’re here for you!