Hungry for something fresh, filling, delicious and healthy while roaming around SF? Nourish Cafe is the place for you. With two locations in the Richmond District and Nob Hill, this bright and cozy cafe fits the bill with a 100% plant-based menu.  With creative dishes made up entirely of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, Nourish is not your typical vegan cafe. By avoiding processed ingredients, artificial flavors and other not-so-healthy additives, Nourish goes a step above by using only organic, non-GMO ingredients. Our favorite part? Both locations use Bread SRSLY Sourdough as their gluten free option for many of their sandwiches and toasts.

Owners Sarah Bacon and Brighton Miller have a passion for nutrition and healthy living and wanted to share their favorite plant-based recipes and wealth of knowledge with others. Sarah was frustrated with the lack of healthy restaurant options in her neighborhood and would always resort to cooking at home. When addressing the issue with Brighton, a graduate of Bauman College’s Natural Chef program, they decided to put their passions to work and open a fast casual cafe of their own.

In addition to caring about their customers’ health and wellbeing, Nourish Cafe is also on a mission to do good for the planet. They use sustainable, local ingredients with a low carbon impact. They also are sure to use compostable containers and compost leftover food scraps at both of their locations each night.

The menu has no shortage of options for a mid-day meal or treat, including everything from homemade baked goods, nourishing bowls, and hearty sandwiches. Although their menu is not entirely gluten-free, they have several options that are GF friendly or can be made with alternative ingredients. They even have a separate product information and ingredient list to offer customers who are curious about allergens and want additional information on brands the Cafe outsources. With so many delicious toast options on the menu, we opted for the ‘toast sampler’ on Bread SRSLY Sourdough —  a slice of toast served three ways, because three toppings are better than one! If you’re looking to eat healthy, leave satisfied and enjoy all things plant-based, Nourish Cafe* will not disappoint.

* Please note, their kitchen is not dedicated gluten free