Make Your Voice Heard! Resources for Those That Cannot Vote

While voting is important, we are mindful of the many Americans who want to vote and cannot do so. At Bread SRSLY, one of our core values as a company is inclusion. To ensure our collective voices are included and heard this upcoming election, we’ve put together a list of resources to share with our team, their families, friends, and our community. Here are five ways to contribute (safely at home) if you are not able to vote:

  1. First and foremost, remember to take care of yourself mentally and physically. This has been a difficult year for many Americans, and it’s important that we are mindful of our individual wellbeing so we can be active participants in causes that are important to us.
  2. Think about ways to organize for causes you’re passionate about, such as the environment, human rights, etc. If you don’t have the physical space  or resources to form your own group, get involved with a local organization dedicated to your cause and donate your time, or money if you’re able.
  3. Call your elected officials and let them know what you think about current issues! Even though you didn’t vote for these officials, you can still make sure your voice is heard.
  4. Start phone banking. While it can be daunting to speak to a stranger on the phone, this is an effective way to support the candidate of your choice this election. Think of phone banking as canvassing without having to leave your couch. 
  5. Ask your friends and family who are eligible to vote if they’ve made a voting plan this year, and if there’s any way you can support them in making sure their voice is heard this election. This could look like researching a candidate’s stance on a certain issue, or even putting together an issue guide for voters. 

We hope you find these resources useful as we get closer to November 3rd. Your voice matters.