Reintroducing Grains after a Whole30 Cycle

Meet Stephanie, one of our longtime Bread SRSLY Ambassadors. We love Stephanie's thoughtful approach to cultivating a sustainable relationship with food, or as she puts it, living a colorFULL life. If you're just finishing up a January Whole30 cycle and are curious about reintroducing bread into your diet, read on!

To get in touch with Stephanie, give her a follow at @cookbycolor or visit her website, Cook by Color Nutrition.


 As a Whole30 Coach and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have walked over 400 people through an elimination protocol, and reintroduction. The ultimate goal with each person is to build a blueprint for their healthiest, most colorFULLives. As bio individuals, we all have unique needs to balance both how we fuel our bodies to thrive, and, how we experience the world to thrive. I believe we need both needs met to live fully.

Sure, we’ve all heard that saying, ‘food is fuel,’ but that is only the beginning. Food is so central to who we are. Through our cultural backgrounds, family food traditions, flavor, and texture preferences we have strong connections to food. For these reasons, elimination protocols can be intimidating and overwhelming. Following a specific protocol and having a coach on your side can make it feel more accessible.

At the root of a self-experiment like Whole30 is eliminating potentially inflammatory food groups for a time, reintroducing them systematically (with limited variables), and make observations about digestion, energy, sleep, mood, behavior, and medical symptoms. People always miss bread the most and can’t wait to get their hands on a sandwich or avocado toast! When making a reintroduction strategy, we attempt to go from suspected least
problematic to potentially most problematic. Gluten is usually the last introduction, with GF grains being much earlier in the schedule. I always recommend people get Bread SRSLY en route prior to reintroduction so that they may enjoy the bread they miss! It’s rewarding for them to see how an alternative bread product can fully satisfy their craving and desire without negative impact.

Bread SRSLY is simply an incredible product that I love to recommend for reintroduction, and usually, forever after. It tastes great and is made from organic, fermented, gluten-free grains that both toasts + freezes like a dream. With a formula that is traditionally fermented, it is easier to digest than any other product in the same market, and the formulation is naturally free of
most common allergens making it accessible for those with tree nut, sesame, and egg allergies which are common.

Many clients find that Bread SRSLY is greatly versatile as they transition into a gluten-free lifestyle that doesn’t require deprivation! Bread SRSLY products serve as an excellent swap for things they miss like croutons, breadcrumbs, French toast, bread pudding, sliders, dinner rolls, and many holiday favorites. Bread SRSLY products are so special for myself, friends, and clients to enjoy their colorFULLife experience balanced beautifully with nourishing and fueling their bodies. With Bread SRSLY, many people find beauty in the balance.
Photo provided by @cookbycolor.