Meet Danny! Bread SRSLY's Sales Adminstrative Assistant

Meet Danny, Bread SRSLY's Sales Administrative Assistant! Danny is an integral part of our wholesale business- nurturing buyer relationships, streamlining communication, and supporting our just-in-time manufacturing with orders. Get to know Danny below!

 Meet Danny! Sales Administrative Assistant

What do you do at Bread SRSLY? 

I am the Sales Administrative Assistant. When I first started, my role consisted of getting wholesale orders placed via email, order form, phone or text. I also create invoices for orders and share feedback from our wholesale customers with the team at large. As time has gone by, my role has grown a bit. I now perform new account onboarding that includes contacting credit references, sending out gluten-free sourdough samples, tracking orders and following up consistently with our customers. I also maintain and upkeep our database, execute promotions, work demos, and support our wholesale accounts' success. I have also helped out with bookkeeping and operations as the need arises. 


How long have you worked at Bread SRSLY?

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary here!


What is your favorite thing about working at Bread SRSLY?

I think it would be the work culture. My coworkers/team make me feel heard and always answer my questions. Together we can accomplish anything!


What do you think makes Bread SRSLY bread special?

I know first hand what it feels like to be left out. Our bread is special because we do our best to make sure no one is left out due to a food allergy/sensitivity. It starts with our work culture and ends at your table. Our gluten-free sourdough is safe for a majority of people who have food allergies and gives us all the opportunity to eat great bread! Bread SRSLY sourdough tastes delicious and there are endless possibilities when it comes to how to eat it.


How do you like to eat Bread SRSLY sourdough?

It really depends on my mood. I love toasting our bread on a flat top grill- I add a little butter. Sometimes, I just want something fast- butter and a few slices of our Classic Sourdough or Pullman loaf go great together. If I want something a little sweet, I toast a few slices of our Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough, then I mix a bit of Greek yogurt and strawberry compote together to make a spread. For a quick lunch, I use our Sandwich Rolls on the grill, add a little Bitchin' Sauce once the bread is nicely toasted, cook an egg over easy and put it on the bread with greens and a slice of tomato! Our dinner rolls are great for sliders or simply toasted in the oven for a bit to accompany my main meal.


What do you like to do when you're not at work?

I like to spend time with my animals (Simba, my dog, and Ducky, my bearded dragon), my family and my friends. I enjoy reading anywhere with a view. Simba loves it when we go on hikes near water. I love seeing how happy he gets when we explore new places and sometimes Ducky gets to come along too! I also try to go on a trip/vacation every 3 months because it helps me with my mental health and exposes me to new people, food and cultures.


What's your favorite Bread SRSLY product?

I think my constant favorite would have to be the Dinner Rolls. Tied at 2nd is our Sandwich Rolls and Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough.