Meet Julius, Bread SRSLY's Logistics Coordinator!

Meet Julius, Bread SRSLY's Logistics Coordinator! The Logistics Coordinator is our juggler of scheduling and interdependencies. From shipping and receiving to vendor management, Julius helps Bread SRSLY’s operations run smoothly. Get to know Julius below!

 Meet Julius! Logistics Coordinator

What do you do at Bread SRSLY? 

My role is Logistics Coordinator. This role mainly involves me making sure all our packages go out on time and that they are packed correctly. I also manage our vendor relationships.


How long have you worked at Bread SRSLY?

I've been here for nine sweet months.


What is your favorite thing about working at Bread SRSLY?

My favorite thing is the people. There is a really good energy with the people here that I think is rare to find. I also appreciate the opportunity to make an impact not just for my role, but the whole company.


What do you think makes Bread SRSLY bread special?

To me, the thing that makes our bread special is that it's genuinely good for you without the taste being sacrificed.


How do you like to eat Bread SRSLY sourdough?

Two ways: if I'm super hungry, I'll eat it just out of the package. When I can wait, I like the bread toasted with butter and honey. 


What do you like to do when you're not at work?

When I'm not being outside in nature, skateboarding and a couple of random craft projects are how I pass the time.


What's your favorite Bread SRSLY product?

Cinnamon Raisin all day!